Unico style

Inspired by the magnificent nature, made by outstanding designers

We are proud of our team of creators.
They are people who know how to get exceptional results, because only one inspiration is not enough. Even the most brilliant idea must overcome a long and laborious path to becoming realized. Mission designers UNICO – caring support of ideas on the way to realization.


Norberto Delfinetti, Art-director.
His career as an architect and designer began in 1983, and since 1994 he collaborated with Monica Bernasconi. In 2004, the designers create their studio «Delfinetti Design Associati» and develop activities in the field of industrial design, architecture, buildings, exhibition design and art-management firms. Norberto Delfinetti actively participates in exhibitions, conferences and other events in the field of design, is a permanent member associations ADI and BEDA.
He has repeatedly been awarded the highest professional level in Munich, Beijing, Las Vegas and Moscow. Norberto Delfinetti held a conference devoted to Italian design in the event, Design Furniture Show in 1999 and in 2000 at the invitation of «Steelcase», for many years, is the author of a collection for Giovanetti and ESTEL, at different times led the design companies Frighetto, Pacini & Capellini, Futura, Gyform, Besana Mobili, Swan, SITAB, Esa Electronica, Allglass, UNICO.
Monica Bernasconi, Art-director.
Participated in the exhibition «Less Is more?» In 1998, «I.DoT» in 2001, «Soft Design» in 2002, designs and curated events «Italian design Furniture Show» and «Italian office furniture show “, which was attended by the best Italian producers within the« Chicago Design Show »and« Neocon »Chicago. The exhibition CROCUS in Moscow in 2005, together with L-Style received the award for the best design, the best products and the best explication of products.
Monica Bernasconi is a hottest designer, her career is marked by cooperation with many European companies, including Riflesso, Frighetto, Pacini & Cappellini, Chateau d’Ax, Quartet-EnricoCoveri, Rugiano, Annibale Colombo, Vibieffe, Sormani, Nespoli-Consonni, Besana Mobili, Curvet Ambienti, Swan, Allglass, Il Loft di Giorgio Saporiti, Thayer Coggin, Preview, Mario Sirtori, Walter Bortolossi.


Floral design, smooth surface of water, riot of colors late afternoon sky, the greatness of natural elements and the courage of human genius are revealed in each Unico collection.

Monica Bernasconi, Art-director
At the heart of our style there is a classic furniture tradition based on the best canons of furniture art. We define the classics not as stark canon, but as a plastic base for creative experimentation. Combining traditional carvings and elegant classic silhouettes with modern fabrics and bold colors, we fill the interior of feelings and emotions, making it a natural extension of personality. Huge selection of various textiles determines countless interior compositions, each of which tells its own, which is not similar to that history. It emphasizes the individuality of our interiors, combines rules and feelings, tradition and fashion. In the unity of opposites we give birth uniqueness.


Luxurious silk velvet, leather and wood expensive varieties are all carefully selected, expertly processed and converted into a truly respectable and original furniture, decent finest interiors.

Our products are made from high-quality, environmentally friendly, certified materials. The use of expensive wood, high-quality fillers, luxurious fabrics puts the company UNICO in a row with the world’s best manufacturers of furniture of the highest class. Our partners are furniture factories, design studios, curtain salons, decorators and architects. We strive to provide the most comprehensive range of products and services of impeccable quality. Customers are offered a comprehensive approach to the design of residential, commercial and public buildings. Large selection of materials and textures is very important to create outstanding interiors.