the easiest way to fall in love. again
Collection UNICO is a benchmark of Italian furniture made by the classical canons of furniture art. Sofas «Unico» create a special atmosphere in the interior with a strong personality, full of feelings and emotions. Impeccable quality of each part can not be overlooked at first sight – and luxurious silk velvet, leather and wood expensive varieties – all carefully selected, expertly processed and converted into a truly respectable and original furniture, decent finest interiors. Project management is carried out by known Milanese architect Norberto Delfinetti and Monica Bernasconi.
Their style is evident in the fine tuned proportions in every line, in every detail, whether it’s filigree legs chair «LOTTI» or pleated back sofa «VIVALDI». Importance is given to the decor: the use of a variety of finishes, fringes, braids, cords, a combination of different textures textiles and other design tricks create a special mood, making furniture exquisite and unique.

– I’ve created The genuine crown for your interior

The heart of Sofa art Collection is Stradivari. Remarkable sofa with magnificent hand-made gold covering.

Norberto Delfinetti, Art-director

– I’m falling in dreams. Now and every night.

The unique collection of beds UNICO Notte, invites you to the atmosphere of luxurious rest.

Monica Bernasconi, Art-director.