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Salone del Mobile Milano, It was an amazing journey, Unico interiors decoration, We’ve made it truly , With love to italian furniture

There is an amazing culture of creativity, where the most daring idea finds its way to realization.

UNICO – is the standard of a cozy and comfortable furniture, made in classic style. Sofas «Unico» create a special atmosphere in the interior with a strong personality, full of feelings and emotions. All products are made by hand. It is impossible to imagine without the creation of furniture craftsmen who painstakingly create Capito or perform artistic carvings.
Impeccable quality of each part can not be overlooked at first sight – and luxurious silk velvet, leather and wood expensive varieties – all carefully selected, expertly processed and converted into a truly respectable and original furniture, decent finest interiors.

We believe that personal responsibility for every product – the only true philosophy of quality.

Norberto Delfinetti, Art-director
Manufacture of furniture UNICO based on family craft traditions of the region BRIANZA. At the heart of our style – classic furniture tradition based on the best canons of furniture art. We define the classics are not as stark canon, but the plastic base for creative experimentation. Combining traditional carvings and elegant classic silhouettes with modern fabrics and bold colors, we fill the interior of feelings and emotions, making it a natural extension of personality.